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What is SBC?

Session border controllers (SBCs) are crucial to the VoIP network puzzle. Available as either hardware devices or software applications, they’re deployed at the border between an enterprise and a service provider, where they control the flow of data generated during communications between two parties, otherwise known as sessions.

Mediant SBCs are certified by the leading unified communications (UC) providers, such as Microsoft Teams (Direct Routing and Operator Connect), Zoom, and RingCentral, as well as by contact center providers such as Genesys (Engage and Cloud), Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Avaya.


SBCs also provide seamless connectivity, enhanced security, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that emergency calls are routed correctly and prioritized above other communications.

An SBC performs the following functions:

Securing the RTC network.

Enabling SIP trunking

Interconnecting & interworking networks & protocols

Dealing with SIP variants

Translating protocols

Acting as session traffic cop

Intelligent routing & policy controls

Mediant Session Border Controllers (SBC) Portfolio

Refer to the table below. For more info, click download or contact us for a technical consultation.

Mediant 500L

Max 60 SBC sessions, 200 registered users, and 60 RTP/SRTP sessions.

For small enterprises and branch offices.

Mediant 500

Max 250 SBC sessions, 1,500 registered users, and 200 RTP/SRTP sessions.

For small enterprises and branch offices.

Mediant 800 SBC

Max 400 SBC sessions, 2,000 registered users, and 114 IP-to-IP transcoding sessions.

For small-to-medium-sized businesses and branches.

Mediant 1000 SBC

Max 150 SBC sessions, 600 registered users, and 96 transcoding sessions.

For small-to-medium-sized enterprise.

Mediant 2600 SBC

Max 600 SBC sessions, 8,000 registered users, and 600 transcoding sessions.

For medium-sized businesses.

Mediant 3100 SBC

Max 5,000 SBC sessions, 20,000 registered users, and 3,200 transcoding sessions.

For medium-to-large-sized enterprises, contact centers & service providers.

Mediant 4000 SBC

Max 5,000 SBC sessions, 20,000 registered users, and 5,000 transcoding sessions.

For large enterprises & service providers.

Mediant 9000 SBC

Max 50,000 SBC sessions, 180,000 registered users & 25,000 transcoding sessions.

For large enterprises & service providers.


Session Border Controller

AudioCodes Mediant SBC deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security and voice quality assurance for any voice communications environment and at any scale.

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