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Why install AVer VC520 Pro2 in your office meeting room?

The VC520 Pro2 is AVer's best-selling USB video conference device in Malaysia.

VC520 Pro2 is an enterprise-grade conferencing solution for medium to large meeting rooms. It is compatible with Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other major cloud meeting platforms in the market.

For your info, a medium size meeting room comprises 8 - 12 seats, and a large meeting room starts from 16 to 20 seats or large.

The VC520 Pro2 offers competitive features against the current popular brands

  • Camera: 24x total zoom (12x optical zoom)

  • SmartFrame: an upgraded auto-framing features

  • H.264 RTSP/RMTP: support live-streaming to YouTube/Facebook

  • Audio expansion options: additional speakerphone or microphone

  • True WDR up to 120dB: superb backlight compensation technology

We will list the top 3 reasons our customers install VC520 Pro2 in their office meeting room.

1) They want a best-value USB video conference device that is not costly when adding the additional speakerphone or microphone for future expansion.

2) They want a sharp camera image, and VC520 Pro2 delivers high-quality, sharp images effortlessly on a 24x zoom camera.

3) The cable connection between the camera and the speakerphones runs on a Cat6 cable. The customer IT team loves it, and we also love it too.

Not many USB video conference brands in the market use Cat6 cable to connect to their speakerphone. To our best knowledge, only AVer and Yamaha have this capability in the market.

If you are shopping around for a video conference device that offers a balanced budget and features, you should test out VC520 Pro2 before deciding.

The standard set of VC520 Pro2 comes with

1 x Camera

1 x Speakerphone

1 x Remote Control

Each speakerphone is equipped with a 15 feet audio pick-up, which is good enough to support a medium size meeting room.

Just in case you are still not too sure, what do we mean by “speakerphone”’? A speakerphone is a device that is built-in with speaker and microphone capability.

So in the future, if you want to add more seats to support bigger capacities, you can purchase the additional speakerphones. Please take note that you can only add a maximum of 2 additional speakerphones on each VC520 Pro2 system.

The VC520 Pro2 also supports expanding the audio pick-up via microphone only, just in case adding the speakerphone is not your liking.

Lastly, every purchase of your VC520 Pro2 comes with a 3-year warranty. If anything

happens during the three years of ownership, AVer will take care of it.

We hope this sharing helps you to make an informed decision on selecting the

best video conference system for your office meeting room.

Contact us today to schedule a demo appointment.

CONNECTB is an authorised AVer USB Video Conference reseller based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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